House Hunters International: Sold!

My Cairo Apartment Is…

Thank you for all the comments on Facebook and here on Cascadian Abroad about my house hunt!

And the winner is... House #3!

And the winner is… House #3!

Most of you liked House #3 the best and I guess you could sense my enthusiasm through my words. A few picked House #1 for its spacious kitchen. And no takers for House #2.

So yes, I chose House #3. It was easily my favorite place I saw during the house hunt. Interestingly enough, I was jet lagged and ready to stop for the day before I was convinced to see one more. I’m glad I powered through. Moving is hard. Starting a new job is hard. Doing both in a foreign country is exponentially harder.

I have been moved in now for a couple of days and I’m slowly learning its quirks and character. I really like the size, it’s not too big for one person and I can’t get lost.

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My first night, my landlady offered her driver to take me to the grocery store. I had already mapped out the walk to the store, but I gladly took her up on her offer. The driver helped me carry my bags and liters of water from the store to the car and from the car to my apartment. Thankfully, no stairs to climb!

My landlady is a cosmopolitan woman. She speaks many languages; her English is perfect. She grew up in a multicultural household. If I need anything, she has contacts throughout the city.

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On the weekend (Friday and Saturday here), we went driving through the neighborhoods of Maadi and she pointed out some shops and landmarks. There are many things to see and I’m slowly figuring out where I am. We went out to lunch, where we bumped into some of her family. I’ve heard Cairo is… “where everybody knows your name.”

After lunch, I went walking on the shopping street near my house. I got some school supplies at a stationery store and some bread at The Bakery Shop. There are many American storefronts I recognized: Cold Stone Creamery, The Body Shop, McDonald’s, Circle K, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Coffee Bean, Subway, Gold’s Gym, etc. In addition, there’s more coffee shops, grocery store, fruit stands, a wine/beer store, gelato, sushi, waffles, hamburgers, cupcakes, Egyptian food, etc.

What should I try on my next walkabout? Head to the comments section below to have your say!


  • Reply Deni August 29, 2016 at 6:40 am

    So glad you found such a perfect space. Does it have a garden or patio?

    • Reply Viktoria August 29, 2016 at 10:13 am

      Yes! I forgot to mention that. I have a fenced in patio with lots of tropical plants and roaming cats. The picture of the cat is looking out on the patio.

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