My collection of Japanese craft beer from the BeerTengoku free beer contest.

Free Beer!

Last month, the guys over at BeerTengoku ran a contest offering free Japanese craft beer for simply connecting with them via the blog and various social media sites. Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail last week letting me know I was the winner of the contest!

BeerTengoku is easily the go-to English-language site for the burgeoning craft beer scene in Japan. It’s run by ex-pats who noticed the lack of information available in English and they’ve filled the gap admirably, featuring beer reviews, interviews with craft brewers and details about events all over the country.

My prize arrived last night and featured a great selection of six beers from breweries all over Japan. Once they’ve been enjoyed, I’ll make notes over at the Beer Journal. Here’s the lineup:

  • House IPA by Tamamura Honten Sake Brewery, Nagano Prefecture

  • Stout by North Island Beer, Hokkaido Prefecture

  • IPA by North Island Beer, Hokkaido Prefecture

  • Smoke & Fire Habanero Stout by Baird Beer, Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Red Ale by Iwate Kura Beer, Iwate Prefecture

  • Imperial Red Ale by Ise Kadoya Brewery, Mie Prefecture


  • Reply Amy December 11, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Congratulations, Robert! It’s hard to beat free beer and craft beer at that!

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