A sure sign of fall; persimmons growing in Ogawa, Saitama

A Fruitful Day in Ogawa

The Japanese word satoyama describes the border between farm land and the foothills of the mountains. We’re lucky to live in a satoyama region, full of plants, animals and geography unique to our little area.

The diversity of the geography makes for some truly amazing hikes. We’ve done some great ones in the last year and a half, but we’re still finding beautiful new land to conquer.

This past week we were fortunate to find a hike in nearby Ogawa that took us through the farms, mountains and shopping streets of this little town in the foothills of the Okuchichibu Mountains. Special thanks to a detailed post at Chaobang’s Travels for providing excellent directions on the five-mile trek.

We were amazed by some of the fruits we came across on the hike. Persimmons are a popular fruit tree in our area. Many homes in our neighborhood have them growing in their yards and it is definitely persimmon season right now. But we also came across some unexpected fruit (pineapples and kiwi!?) as well as some mystery fruits, including akebe—a pod-like fruit that only has a two-week growing season.

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It was a quiet day on the trail despite the perfect weather. We’ve reached the time of year where it’s hot in the sun, but the chill of autumn greets you in the shade. We had plenty of both along the way.

Click any photo in the gallery to see a larger version and start a slideshow view.


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